.22LR Vickers Armstrong, Martini Actioon, single shot Target Rifle


Complete with target sights, pistol grip and breech loading in used condition



Price: £ 40


Ref 54 - .22 LR BSA Target Rifle



.22LR BSA single shot, Martini Action Target Rifle


peep sights make this an accurate choice for target rifle competitions



Price: £ 100

Ref 5 - .22LR  Vickers Armstrong Target Rifle

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Ref 13 - 7.62 Lee Enfield Target Rifle



Lee Enfield 7.62 Short Barrelled Target Rifle with Enfield P14 Action


Lee Enfield Target Rifle with adjustable peep sights - this is a good example in reasonable condition


Price: £ 90

Ref 15 - London Armory .58 Cal Percussion Rifle by EuroArms



Euroarms London Armory .58 Cal Percussion Rifle


A fine example of a reproduction 19th century percussion fired rifle in .58 calibre, this is a lovely gun complete with webbing strap and bayonet lugs. Excelent Condition



Price: £ 250.

Ref 18 - 7.62 Enfield Action (P14) with heavy Schultz & Larsen Target Barrel



Enfield Action (P14) 7.62 Target Rifle complete with Sights and fine Schultz & Larsen target barrel




Price: £ 200

Ref 27 - Browning .22LR Pump Action Rifle



Browning .22LR Pump Action Rifle


A very interesting pump action rifle, great fun plinker



Price: £ 100



Mossberg 452T "Newhaven" .22lr Semi-Auto Rifle


Wood Stock, 10 shot magazine semi-automatic rifle with threaded muzzle for moderator


Price: £ 50

Ref 39 - Mossberg 453T Newhaven .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle

Ref 47 - BSA .22 Target Rifle



Martini Action .22 BSA Target Rifle


Nice laninate stock, good condition complete with sights



Price: £ 150

Ref 52 - Magtech/CBC .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle



Magtech .22 semi-auto Rifle


New, boxed .22 semi automatic rifle, great first gun, 10 shot magazine last round hold-open and threaded barrel


Price: £ 150

Ref 41 - .22 Bolt Action Rifle





Price: £ 50

Ref 41 -.22 Bolt Action Rifle